Monday, June 29, 2009

Lets Sweat!!!

Ok Ive been working in the yard on a now; larger than life landscape project. My workouts somedays did not happen because I was so heat beat. But this week its time to sweat and MAKE IT HAPPEN.
WARM UP:5 Min of Turkish Getups
1)Swings 10/10
2)Squats 10
3)Balance Press 10/10
4)Leg lunge Rows 10/10
5)Bottom Up Clean 10/10
6)Squeeze Curl 10
7)Floor Sweeps 10 (My addition) With legs extended Arms extended lower BELL above head until touching ground then up 10xs
8)Swings 20 r-l / 20 l-r
3 Sets about 2-4 min rest in between. YESSIR!!!! NOW THAT WILL DO IT FOR YA.

Yard work included swinging a pick into hard clay ground and digging out a 12 by 6 1 foot deep Mixing the clay with good soil

Bottle of SPARK
Bottle of H2O
1 Meal Replacement with banana
2 eggs grits 2 Hrs later
Tortilla soft shell 1 oz cheese 2 slices turkey
1 piece flounder 1 chicken thigh;Quinoa and snow peas side salad mixed greens

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