Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hey all,
That might only include Jon and Em but since I respect their opinions here goes!!!
Last night, did not sleep well but got up had 3 cups of coffee(w/out cream) and went into my day. After 1 1/2 hrs of sitting around deciding how I was to feel; I got up and did some swings(16kg) 3 sets of 10 changing immediatly from right to left with 45 sec between. What a way to wake up. Suddenly, I felt better. Imagine that; got off my butt, got the blood going and felt better.

Breakfast: 9:30
4 eggs 1 piece of grainy bread with slices of tomato

Lunch: 12:30
pot of veggies ie carrots, corn; banana

Fresh pineapple slices, banana, 1/2 apple!!

Clean/press 4/5 Squat 4/5 Renegade row 4/5 20lb db Get up/sit up w/20lb db
Floor sweep 4/15 Hurt back so raised head and legs slightly Snatch 4/8 These things are addicting so did 2 more sets!

Supper: Boy I did good. Meaning : healthy and tasty!!!
2 chicken thighs 2 chicken tenderloins fresh broccoli, butternut squash, yellow squash brown rice with Rotel tomatoes added.
Note: Everyone who thinks ONLY working out OR ONLY eating right will help you lose weight and get in better health is WRONG! It needs to be a balance. We'll discuss this later.
Feed your body Feed your soul!!

PHd = Pie Hole diary
(stolen from Brad Nelson's
What you put in your Pie Hole consistently (that means every day for atleast 6 out of 7 days for a period of a few months minimum but preferably the rest of your life) amounts to about 80% of what your body looks like. Yes, you are what you eat. Mom was right. The fastest way to lose weight or get leaner and feel better is to correct what you eat (or don't eat). You can do all the kettlebells, running, weight lifting, hamster treadmill elyptical, pilates, yoga, boot camp, etc, etc, etc, you want to do but as you get older "you can't outrun a doughnut" (Dave Whitley).
Fix your nutrition. Eat things that are 'good calories' not bad calories. Take good quality supplements to fill in the gaps. Commit to 3 months. Quit planning it, talking about it and thinking about it and do it. The best place to start is with your Pie Hole diary.
Pie Hole diary: very complicated process.
1. acquire pen and paper, blogspot, email, etc.
2. write down everything (call or email me and I'll define everything) you eat or drink.
3. at the end of the day/week/month compare notes with your accountability partner.
4. accountability partner - Friend, spouse, trainer, blogger from across the country, etc that will call you out and tell you to quit cheating if you every want to get fit.
5. consult someone about changes you can make to reach your goal.

Forget working out for the 1st week or so. Concentrate on your Pie Hole diary. Get it right, then add some exercise.

Are Kettlebells For You?

Kettlebells are not for the faint of heart. They are not for those who whine about the heat or the cold or dirt or sweat--or any other thing for that matter. Kettlebells are best battled outside in the rain or sleet or sun or wind where you can beat them or they can beat you, and the story is told only by the pock marks in the grass and the dirt on your hands. Though they will do so, they are not meant to make prettier muscles but better muscles. They are meant to temper from the inside out, testing your mettle, strengthening muscle, ligament, tendon, and even a little skin. Those who fear such a challenge from a small metal ball and do not wish to bear its mark are not worthy of its gifts. And they should go home.

-Jennifer Bryan, RKC

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To all that see my first posts.
Forgive me ahead of time as I transition into understanding how to work this venue to its fullest extent in a positive way. This, I believe; is a way that can and will improve the lives of many people. I look forward to sharing with, as well as learning from those of you that blog with me.