Thursday, July 9, 2009

Well Lets do this thing

Abs Day--- 16 kg/35lbs
Turkish GUP 3 each side R thn lft
2 Hand Getup Situp 10
floor sweep 10
1 Hand Get up Sit up 10 R/L
6 inches with extended armes holding 35lb kb 10
REPEAT @ 2 Hand Get Up
Ladders I think
5 R/L 5 R/L 2 xs 5 R/L 3 xs 5 R/L 4xs
1/2/3/4/5 R/L Non Stop
Different but effective:::: Thats what we're looking for ISN"T IT??

1 comment:

  1. Clean and press ladders:
    1st ladder
    1 left 1 right (these are rungs)
    2 left 2 right
    3 left 3 right
    4 left 4 right
    5 left 5 right

    You want to do this 5 times. You can rest between each ladder or go all the way.
    I would start with 3 rungs x 5 ladders and add a rung as you feel the need until you get to 5x5.
    when you can do it with only resting between the ladders (not the rungs) using good slow form with lots of tension in the glutes/abs. then you are ready to start over with a bigger KB.